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Mediation is a collaborative, interactive process in which an impartial third party - the mediator - assists individuals in dispute to negotiate a settlement.  It is a party-centered process that is focused primarily on the needs and interests of the parties.  The mediator will manage the interaction between the parties and guide the process in a constructive direction to help the individuals find the optimal solution.  Mediation will help the parties identify and analyze issues and focus communication on how to resolve the dispute. 


The mediation process is private and confidential, and individuals are encouraged to actively engage in the sessions.  The mediator will use her skills to open or improve dialogue between the disputing parties, and helps manage the interaction between the individuals involved.  Mediation will also help participants analyze the issues and the mediator will help the parties think outside the box for all possible solutions.  

Mediation is a cost effective way to  resolve disputes.  The mediation process generally takes much less time than moving through typical court litigation.  Taking less time almost always translates to expending less money to end a dispute.  Mediation is also a process controlled by the individuals who, with the help of the mediator, find a method of discussing and resolving the dispute that works for them.  By not having to follow a specific, mandated court process, parties to a mediation can be creative in fashioning a process and solution that works for them.  

Mediation is a great way to find a resolution that focuses on what's best for you.  


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